Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year! San Fernando Valley Style

One of the benefits of living in the San Fernando Valley.... Brent's Deli, rated Zagat Survey #1 Deli 15 years in a row and imho, home of THE BEST Corned Beef & Pastrami, not to mention the awesome warm Rye Bread. Everything on the menu is available to be shipped nationwide via Fed Ex overnight delivery for those less fortunate. We just sent a care package of Corned Beef, Roast Beef, Rye Bread, Bagel Chips, and Whole Pickles to a friend back east, and besides a little snag in the delivery (which was more than taken care of thanks to the fine folks at both Fed Ex & Brent's) everything arrived safe & sound and tasty, so I'm told.

Just had my first Black Pastrami Ruben and deemed it worthy the first post of 2011

Brent's Deli...doing business in the San Fernando Valley since 1967
Brent's Owner Operator Ron Peskin back in the day
  Happy New Year! 
Wishing everyone Health, Happiness, Prosperity and a great 2011. 


  1. lol always a dangerous claim...best deli....
    lets see Langers and Canters in L.A., Carnagies et al in NYC, Pancers in Toronto...and oooooh Schwartz's in Montreal..(the smoked meat is to die for) I makes me think that someone should really do a tour and write a book!

  2. Hey man, that's why I covered myself with the imho (and the fact that Ruben was still fresh in my mind) and Brent's is less than 3 miles up the street. Yes Canters is old school but I don't go over the hill into Hollywood much these days and I can only hope to get to those other icons some time in the not too distant future. Thanks for stopping by and contributing.
    All the best with Himel Bros. Leather & the blog in 2011... like the great product, like the good words. Keep up the good work!